Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Checked something off my bucket list!

One thing on my bucket list was to do a walk or race for a charity. I was able to accomplish this when my friend invited me to do the Jimmy Fund Walk with her in Boston. It was such an incredible experience and I had so much fun. It was even better knowing that all the money I raised was going to help people suffering from cancer. Overall, it was a great day and I would definitely do this again.

I got the "1st Year" sticker after I signed up for the walk. The Jimmy Fund also mailed me my race number, my race t-shirt and hat, and a handbook that told you all about the walk and what to do on the day of the walk. One page said when my walk start time was and when to arrive. 

But my favorite part of the walk was getting to cross the finish line and get my medal surrounded by such amazing people. I had one of my best friends with me and cancer survivors all around me. Listening to their stories and hearing how passionate they were about the walk and what it stood for changed the way I think. It was an amazing day, and one I'll never forget. 

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